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4 min | 2014 | Animation | Thriller |

Short animated thriller film.


MITE from Walter Volbers on Vimeo.

Modelled, rigged, animated in XSI/Softimage. Rendered in Softimage using Arnold with a maximum frame time of 3:22 hours (SITOA 1.17). Render resolution 1280×720, depth channel resolutuion 2560×1440. Comped in Nuke using Frischluft for depth of field in 2560×1440 and resized to final 1920×1080.

Camera animation is ‘one shot’ except for the crash zoom in the beginning with a short disolve to the key, where I change the set. I started out using Mental Ray but I was forced to switch to Arnold (faster, better, more stable).

As already mentioned, the production-time: 10Years! (not kiding)
Yes, this seems loooong, but this was an ‘on and off’ project done aside from my day job as a CG artist. And most time was wasted having to redo the shading with Arnold. Summed up to an eight hour workday the animation of the Mite was completed in two weeks.